shoe repairSERVICES - SHOES
•    Shining and re-conditioning
•    Replacement of soles and heels
•    Replacement of insoles and heel linings
•    Replacement of elastics, buckles, tassles & snaps
•    Orthopedic build-up of soles and/or heels
•    Stretching shoes & boots
•    Installation of non-skid protective soles for better comfort  & wear
•    Installation of heel and toe plates for added protection
•    Replacement and/or patching of straps, elastic gussets, and zippers
•    Various patch, gluing and sewing repairs
•    Resizing the calves of boots to make them smaller or larger
•    And much more!

•    Resizing of belts either shorter or longer (if possible)
•    Replacing inside lining of purses
•    Replacing straps and/or handles on purses
•    Patching or replacing corners on purses
•    Replacing or repairing of zippers and other hardware on purses.
•    Replacing or recovering leather sections on leather items such as shoes, boots, jackets & purses
•    Patching tears in leather items
•    Installing or replacing feet on purses
•    And much more!

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